Our expertise in all areas of measurement, monitoring and inspection means that we can offer a complete spectrum of services, encompassing topographic surveys, confined space drone inspections, utility mapping, laser scanning and more. Every project showcases our dedication to innovative solutions and the highest possible quality deliverables.

Glanville Geospatial is proud to be a division of Glanville Environmental, a leading contractor in drainage and civil engineering operating since 1983.

Located in the South West and catering to clients nationwide, our commitment to excellence has garnered a strong reputation across multiple sectors. We uphold a legacy steeped in both reliability and innovation, infusing these values into every project we undertake.

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Glanville Geospatial

By using a customised approach, we give our clients the assurance they need that the product meets their expectations. Our easy-to-understand deliverables help our clients make critical decisions with confidence and our integrated products mean we provide a cradle to grave service throughout a project’s life cycle. At Glanville Geospatial Services we deliver results you can trust, time and time again.

Our clients

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