A UAV survey can provide a wide range of 2D/3D deliverables depending on the scope of the project; these may include an ultra-high resolution Ortho-rectified image of the site, 3D mesh, point cloud or video fly-through.

Benefits & Applications

  • Faster data acquisition. A UAV survey can capture high levels of detail over large areas quicker than more traditional survey methods making it cost effective leading to faster project turnaround for the client.
  • Safer and cheaper surveying. UAV surveys have the ability to capture data without putting the surveyor in dangerous or inaccessible locations – making it a safe and cost-effective option for your next project.
  • 3D rendered site model. A 3D model can be used for site visualisation along with providing a comprehensive dataset which can be returned to for future reference.

UAV surveys apply to a variety of survey requirements:

  • Topographic mapping
  • Volumetric analysis (eg. stockpiles, groundworks, cut/fill analysis etc.)
  • Historical Restoration/Preservation
  • Coastal monitoring and cliff surveying
  • Woodland surveys
  • Vegetation condition assessments
  • Thermal imaging and analysis
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Golf course surveys
  • Building facade surveys and roof inspections

Service Provision

We begin every project by clearly identifying the needs of our clients. Using our full suite of technologies, we plan the most efficient way to serve the client with the clear, accurate deliverables they need.

We pride ourselves on making clear, concise deliverables that facilitate fast, confident decision-making. These range from basic 2D CAD drawings to highly detailed 3D models.

We have a dedicated, experienced and proactive survey team ready to undertake your next UAV survey. Our pilots have undergone certified training and as a company, we hold Operational Authorization from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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