Deformation, subsidence and structural movement monitoring over time enables analysis of the rate and substance of change. We can accurately identify everything from tiny incremental changes to large-scale geographic trends, providing concise reporting built on established and reliable workflows. Results are clearly and intuitively presented, facilitating fast decision-making.

Benefits & Applications

  • Risk management. Monitoring over time provides an early warning of changes that could adversely affect life, the environment or business, so that mitigating action can be taken
  • Cost reduction. Understanding the rate of change helps clients determine the action they need to take and plan and budget accordingly. In many cases, fast action or preventative maintenance can minimise costs
  • Duty-of-care audit trail. Where health and safety must be closely managed (eg, on construction sites or public buildings) our 4D monitoring surveys provide a clear audit trail to inform and support management decision making
  • Cliff erosion
  • Coastal erosion and dunes
  • Construction monitoring (eg for building movement)
  • Building settlement and subsidence monitoring and analysis
  • Structural deformation
  • Crack measurements
  • Tilt measurements
  • Storage tank calibrations
  • Quarry stockpiles
  • Mine stocks and spoil heaps
  • Safety reports
  • Validating mathematical modelling
  • Pipe deformation
  • Dam and reservoir evolution

Service Provision

Every Glanville survey starts with a thorough assessment of the client’s needs; deciding the duration and frequency of measurement is critical to commercial and operational success.

Our surveys are carried out using a combination of monitoring-specification total stations, static laser scanners, digital precise levels and high-accuracy movement sensors. These can be deployed at intervals or in secured permanent locations for real-time reporting.

Our team has a broad range of experience in providing monitoring surveys, ranging from large-scale coastal erosion projects to sub-millimetre structural level monitoring.

We use specialist monitoring software to provide reports and graphical representation.

We follow CICES professional instrumentation and monitoring guidelines in all our deformation and structural movement surveys.

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