We offer a variety of services for the measurement of bed levels (bathymetry), imaging (side scan sonar) and strata investigations (sub-bottom profiling).

Benefits & Applications

  • Integrated hydrographic survey solutions supported by extensive geomatics experience
  • Deployment of multi-sensor arrays on a single vessel for real project efficiencies
  • Capture bathymetric, sub-bottom profile data and imagery from one survey vessel
  • Combine with UAV, topographic survey and laser scanning for a complete shoreline and waterbody measured survey package
  • River and canal bed and bank monitoring
  • Coastal surveys
  • Reservoir
  • Harbours and ports
  • Piers and breakwaters
  • Land reclamation feasibility and monitoring
  • Flood control and protection planning
  • Erosion modelling
  • Bridge scour inspection

Service Provision

  • High-resolution multibeam sonar that can be combined with static laser scanning for a complete 3D record and modelling above and below the waterline
  • Simple single-frequency antennas can be deployed in small waterbodies for cost-effective, rapid deployment
  • Sidescan sonar can provide invaluable imagery for planning, risk management and environmental considerations
  • Sub-bottom profiling for sediment and strata investigations
  • A variety of vessels available for small watercourses, lakes, rivers and nearshore projects
  • Robust data and project-management systems applied to all projects to ensure client satisfaction

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