Setting out – getting designs out of CAD and onto the ground, ready for construction. With our extensive surveying and site-engineering experience, our surveyors are ideally equipped to prepare your site for construction. We take full ownership of your project coordination, turning designs into reality.

Benefits & Applications

Setting out can usefully be preceded by a topographic survey, a geophysical surveyutility mapping or an unmanned aerial survey.

  • Site optimisation. We can take responsibility for all site preparation works, including topographic and utility surveys, offering a cradle-to-grave service
  • Initial site survey (eg topographic survey, geophysical survey, utility mapping)
  • Staking out designs
  • Drawing interpretation
  • Technical advice and issue resolution
  • Site management

Service Provision

With various surveying technologies and techniques at our disposal, we always optimise our approach to best suit the client’s needs and the demands of the site.

We ensure positive and effective liaison between the design and construction team.

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