GIS uses mapping and analysis to capture, interpret and analyse spatial data. Our asset mapping services combine geospatial technologies and software to provide analysis of assets or objects relative to their environments.

Benefits & Applications

  • Deeper understanding. GIS maps help tell the story of an area in an interactive, visual way. Because GIS links data together it is easier to identify trends and needs, whilst communicating them clearly
  • Centralised data. Bringing together data from various sources in one place (a GIS – geographic information system) allows data on an area to be stored in a single place and format for easy interrogation
  • Visualising the future. Helping engineers and planners understand the current environment, mitigate risks, and plan future developments
  • Rapid digital data capture. This can be achieved using mass-capture mobile systems and single-person handheld devices

Our in-house survey teams regularly assess the following:

  • Forestry
  • Drainage assets
  • Highway
  • Public sector management
  • Archaeology

Service Provision

We offer a vast range of geospatial surveying services – from CCTV surveys, underground mapping to and aerial and LiDAR surveys – all capturing asset data for merging into comprehensive mapping inventories.

Robust interfacing of software, workflows and hardware provides the surest path to project success.

Each survey is carefully planned to ensure we optimise our methods of working to gather the best dataset possible, as fast as possible.

Our reports conform to recognised standards and are clear and straightforward to interpret.

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