Our utility mapping surveys provide a clear, concise report of assets and infrastructure beneath the ground and are appropriate for all types of sites, from small areas to large brownfield developments. We can provide complete utility mapping over a given area or focus on one specific asset.

Benefits & Applications

  • Risk reduction. The high standard of our surveys helps you plan and design with confidence around buried services, so you can avoid damage, delays and costs
  • Clarity of information. When quality and reliability matter, our utility mapping products provide detail above and beyond ‘go-to’ specifications
  • Exceeding PAS 128. Our standard specification meets and exceeds PAS 128 whilst providing measurable efficiencies
  • Design Clash Prevention. 3-dimensional utility mapping can provide the ultimate tool in design clash avoidance

Our utility mapping surveys can detect:

  • Metallic, clay and plastic pipes
  • Water pipes
  • Electrical cabling
  • Gas pipework
  • Telecommunications cabling
  • Storage tanks
  • Underground chambers
  • Drainage and sewerage systems

Service Provision

By combining ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location (EML) technologies, we ensure maximum data capture. This means we can identify metal, clay and plastic infrastructure within the same underground utility survey. Using our dual frequency GPR we can also capture data on other buried features such as voids, tanks and buried manholes.

We can provide statutory service plan compilation, to meet minimum health and safety recommendations before work begins on site. This draws on published information from numerous sources and forms the basis for designing a utility detection survey. (PAS 128 Type D)

PAS128 is a recognised standard for utility mapping in the United Kingdom.

Our Utility Mapping Survey Bands

BSI PAS 128 identifies four survey bands:

  • Type D A desk survey compiled from secondary data sources only
  • Type C A desk survey, plus a site visit for a visual check and reconciliation
  • Type B A geophysical survey (eg. using GPR)
  • Type A Visual inspection of assets and or trial holes

Our standard package could be considered a ‘Type B+’. We believe this offers the best aspects of PAS 128, including the desk survey, site check, GPR/EML survey, visual check and documentation of inspection covers and manholes.

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