Gravity Sewer Setting Out

Building upon the success of our integrated design and build initiative, we undertook the precise setting out for a groundbreaking 700-meter gravity sewer across rural terrain, meticulously crafted based on insights gleaned from our comprehensive topographic survey.

This project demanded a detailed approach, requiring precise planning and execution to ensure the seamless installation and functionality of the sewer line using the data sourced and provided by Glanville Geospatial.

Case Study in Detail

The methodology encompassed a comprehensive strategy that harmonised both design and construction facets. Beginning with the initial design phase, we employed topographic surveys to comprehensively grasp the landscape's features. This data was pivotal in understanding elevation changes, ground contours, existing structures, and potential obstacles that could impact the sewer line's installation.

The setting out process itself involved the translation of the design plan onto the actual site. This encompassed marking key points, delineating the path of the sewer line, and ensuring accurate alignment and elevation in accordance with the design specifications. Challenges inherent in rural terrains—such as uneven landscapes, environmental considerations, and limited accessibility—were encountered. However, our expertise in geospatial technology and surveying methodologies facilitated innovative solutions to overcome these hurdles.

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