Topographic and Utility Mapping in Polyphant for South West Water

In a collaborative effort with our sister division, Glanville Environmental, Glanville Geospatial embarked on an ambitious project commissioned by South West Water.

The aim was to conduct an intricate topographic and utility mapping survey, laying the groundwork for the design and implementation of a new rising main. This critical infrastructure aims to alleviate stress on the current sewerage network, ensuring smoother operations and increased efficiency.

Case Study in Detail

Covering 1.8km of pipeline route traversing diverse terrains—from serene farmlands to bustling highways and intricate industrial zones—the project demanded a blend of expertise, innovation, and adaptability. Glanville Geospatial embraced the challenge, acknowledging that while topographic surveys and utility mapping are their specialities, each undertaking presents a unique puzzle to solve.

In a remarkable display of prowess, the team orchestrated a symphony of survey techniques within a tight timeframe. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology, a combination of methodologies was employed. The deployment included the use of a photogrammetric drone, traditional terrestrial survey tools, and geophysical sensors. The integration of these varied techniques wasn't just a task; it was a harmonisation—a seamless fusion converging into a single, comprehensive survey deliverable.

In a matter of days, Glanville Geospatial showcased unparalleled efficiency and skill. For Glanville Geospatial, projects like these aren't just routine tasks—they're opportunities to push boundaries, innovate, and redefine what's possible in the realm of topographic surveys and utility mapping. The complexity of this endeavour only served to ignite their passion for delivering excellence.

As the survey data gets processed and analysed, Glanville Geospatial remains committed to delivering meticulously detailed reports and actionable insights. Our work doesn't end with the survey; it's a continuum, driving the creation of a robust foundation upon which South West Water will build a more resilient and efficient sewerage network.

Watch the video below documenting the team's efforts on-site and the fly-through of the drone's point cloud.

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