Hand-held LiDAR Scanning for Exeter University

Scanning of student accommodation blocks using Geoslam Revo RT hand-held LiDAR scanner. This reduced the usual scanning time by two-thirds (compared to using static LiDAR technology).

Student accommodation blocks at Exeter University have been laser scanned in super-quick time, thanks to our use of hand-held LiDAR surveying equipment.

Case Study in Detail

In the summer of 2019 Exeter University commissioned us to produce floor plans of a number of their student accommodation blocks, at various places across their Streatham campus.  This was an additional work package to the extensive multi-disciplinary project we conducted for the University in 2017, for the purposes of monitoring their existing site and assets and planning new estates development work.

Scanning the accommodation blocks was no small undertaking.  It involved scanning six separate sites across the campus, each containing multiple blocks containing two or three storeys.  Each floor contained five bedrooms, plus communal areas, all of which needed to be captured.

Had we used conventional static LiDAR technology the project would have taken weeks to complete and be very costly – however, by using our Geoslam Revo RT hand-held LiDAR scanner, we were able to dramatically reduce the project time while maintaining the quality of the deliverables.

For example, one site alone contained fourteen floors of accommodation.  We were able to capture each floor in just 15-20 minutes and completed the entire location in an impressive 5 hours, using just one surveyor and an assistant.

Furthermore, by using hand-held equipment we minimised the disruption to residents.  The flats remained occupied throughout the survey, and in some cases students continued to work while we scanned around them.

We have now processed the data and have created CAD drawings of the buildings for the University, as requested.

The ZEB Revo RT allows us to scan and process data and build accurate 3D models quickly, while on the move.  It’s just one of the laser scanning options we offer, which also include static and mobile LiDAR.  By using a combination of equipment, we can offer clients comprehensive laser scans, even in challenging and hard-to-reach locations.

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